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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Reality covered by a superficial tool: Languages.
The world of words is well known as language.
A first semiotic distinction about language is defined by F. de Saussure (1857-1913). He sees two characteristic elements called a signifier and a signified which are explained as “a sound-image” the first one, and “the concept” for the second one. Those two elements interact in a complex trap (network) of meanings that “want to appear” trough language more than they are: natural humans being reality related on EVER LIFE philosophical questions: What is life about? Why we live? What is my being about? Where I have to go? Any Life after death? For words and gestures to function as units of a human language, they must break the link of iconicity and float free to signify "arbitrarily" as Saussure has it. There remains in “natural” language only a small residue of iconicity, and that is based in sound of various tongues and nations. A non easy issue is how to get the freedom “between lines” of what act in a no-visible way, with or without our permission, How to recognise that we are not so powerful, and how to acquire a CONSCIOUS-AWARENESS about the primitive instinct and the humiliation our 6 SenSeS are constrict to accept. adele

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